Kingsley Primary School is very fortunate to have an Instrumental String Program. We are offered FREE LESSONS in Violin, Cello and Double Bass instruments.

The lessons begin at different year levels, but continue for ALL YEARS OF SCHOOLING. All the way to year 12.

Violins are purchased ready for the first lesson in Year 3. A Cello can be hired for the first two years of learning, then one must be purchased for the following years of learning - to year 12.


You will see the children who are learning instruments playing in the Kingsley String Ensemble, together with drum and yidaki accompaniment.

Students go on to join the Kelmscott Senior High School Orchestra while still in Primary School, which they are able to continue in their High School years. It is a wonderful opportunity to all who value music in education and life.

Learning the Double Bass is a BIG opportunity, however there are very large responsibilities to go with it.

One needs a car large enough to transport the instrument without having the child run behind because they didn’t fit as well. The instrument is available for hire for all the years you are in the State School system that has the Instrumental Program with strings. The beginning year is Year 6, so lots of thinking and planning happens in Year 5.

The Double Bass is taller than the student and it takes a while to manage it, but makes a wonderful sound and it sounds good within the first year of beginning lessons. Good luck to all Double Bass enthusiasts.

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